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To Infinity and Beyond

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Virgin Galactic has been recognized as a commercial space-line developed by Richard Branson. This spaceline was able to successfully and effectively complete the 3rd rocket-powered supersonic test flight together with the SpaceShipTwo craft, which has the capability to soar up until 71,000 feet on its first flight. This reusable spaceship has been set as the first spaceship that took tourists into the space just this year. Famous individuals as well as celebrities that include Justin Bieber, Katy Perry and the owner of this company, Mr. Branson has reserved their seats beforehand.

Virgin Galactic Spaceline is known as a space-light company under the Virgin Group. This is responsible for developing or creating commercial spacecraft. They have this goal or aim of providing space tourists with suborbital spaceflights, orbital launches designed for the small satellites and suborbital launches for the space science missions Virgin Galactic has also a plan of providing orbital human spaceflights and planning to develop orbital launch vehicle.

The SpaceShip Two developed by Virgin Galactic has been designed in order to provide efficient space travel for the masses. Virgin Galactic has been known by many as the first commercial spaceline in the world. This is one of the most reliable companies who have the capability to discover and pioneer private space travels. So in order to achieve and conquer the heights, SS2 or SpaceShip Two has been airlifted by WhiteKnight Two carrier aircraft with an altitude ranging from 46,000 feet and above, prior ignited the rockets motor during its release. This was able to power up the spaceship following the planned 71,000 feet altitude. Continue reading

Inmobile Solutions On The Road

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Advancement of cars is always one of the things that car collectors are looking for during these days. It is not impossible to happen as there are many cars being offered with high technological advancements that make them really amazing and ideal to buy. In fact, cars that drive themselves are the first advanced car technologies that many car lovers are looking forward to have these days. Just imagine a car that drives itself, and you’ll surely agree that this is one of the most amazing that technological advancements may bring these days.
Self-driving cars are also called as Autonomous vehicles. Imagine the expectations if even a party bus could operate in this way. These autonomous vehicles have basic benefits and one of it is their capacity to provide increase to the mobility of elderly, those people with disabilities, especially the blind people. On the other advantage of using an autonomous vehicle is about the costs that are associated to traffic congestion. These issues on traffic congestion can also be reduced since the other riders are the one to their job on the transit. Continue reading