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The Review: Android Vs iOS:

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Android Vs iOS: Which is Better?

Although there have been many choices for smartphones these days, there are still many considerations that we have to take note as we decide to purchase one. The operating systems of mobile phones can differ in terms of utility, performance and looks as well. With these differences, we have to make a smart choice.
Two of the best mobile operating systems who compete for the top rank are Android and iOS, both from different system developers. There have been studies and reviews as to which of these two performs faster and better than the other has. Let us see how these two differ from each other in terms of the following components.

  • Application

For comparison, Android is an open outlet creation while iOS is the opposite. With this advantage, Android gives the users the ability to create applications and sell it even without asking for permission from Google. This creates a bigger opportunity for them to explore a huge area of the product. Because of this, Android has made a bigger market share and growth than iOS.


  • Battery Holdups and Performance

Both of these mobile operating systems provide applications of which the audience can choose what to prioritize – battery backup or performance. The user can actually decide which of these two are more significant to them. But as we compare Android from iOS in terms of performance, Android phones tend to perform slower than as of Apple’s iOS. Meanwhile, the battery backup of iOS is much better than of Android.


  • User Boundary

It takes a lot of studies and researches in order to point out the differences of Android and iOS when it comes to the user interface. However, for a typical user, it appears that iOS has richer interface since the user can smoothly and freely switch animations. If we are going to look further to the important features of these two, it looks that they have  the same resolutions for video display however, iOS remains better for more users.


  • Touch screen board

Mostly of mobile phones nowadays are touch screen enabled but we look for the one that offers better and faster response. Most users would want to have the best touch experience on their mobile phones and with that, they look for a responsive touch screen panel. In this case, Appple’s iOS has found a way to provide effectively greater accuracy for this particular feature. According to many mobile users, Apple’s iOS provides them a better experience compared to Android.


  • Camera and Photo Quality

There are higher percentages of mobile users who opt for Android because of its good quality camera. With the latest features of Android phones, users can edit photos and videos by subscribing to their latest applications. You will have a variety of options on what to do with your videos and photos with Android.


There are many differences of these two operating systems and some of their features are widely beneficial to the users. If you would dig deeper in these components, you would see that one of them really stands out from the other.

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